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Mobile Application for Hauling Operations

to Empower Your Drivers on the Road

Driver Mobile App View of Job Location, Ticket Type, Dumpster Size and Job Notes.

Streamline Deliveries With Our Driver App

Our simple, no-nonsense mobile app is great for drivers with varying comfort levels of technology. This app is available on both iOS and Android and gives your drivers all the information they need to work for your dumpster rental business. Drivers can use the driver app to update work order statuses, update asset locations and take pictures of their containers and weight tickets.

The app shows your drivers a list of all their daily tickets. Plus, your team can sync their preferred web mapping system (Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, etc.) with our mobile app for turn-by-turn GPS navigation.

Mobile App View of Driver Login Screen.

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Key Features of Our GPS Truck Routing App

Smartphone View of Daily Job Tickets and Statuses.

Real-Time Ticket Feed

The app provides each driver with a prioritized list of jobs for the day and updates the ticket feed with instant notifications any time your dispatcher makes a change.

Ticket Details at a Glance

Your drivers can quickly find the exact locations of dumpsters, job sites, storage yards and landfills right within the map-based view – and get routed there in the app. Plus, our solution gives your team one place to complete their work orders from start to finish. They can add details, attach images, assign assets, add comments and more.

Smartphone View of Ticket Management Screen.
Smartphone View of Notification Update for Ticket Reassignments.

Driver Communications

The mobile app offers an easy means of communication between your drivers and your dispatch team. A push notification immediately gets sent to the mobile app any time a new work order is added to a driver’s route by your dispatcher. Meanwhile, your drivers can add comments to tickets that can help other drivers on your fleet or your dispatch staff, so all tickets can be completed with success.

How Our App Simplifies the Hauling Process

Our mobile app makes your drivers’ job as seamless as possible and syncs directly with your dispatcher’s web application in the office. Here’s what they can do with the app.

Ticket Search Graphic.

View Detailed Tickets

When drivers open each ticket, they’ll see all the information they need including the customer name and address.

Asset Map Graphic.

Assign Assets to a Job

For accurate asset tracking, your drivers can set the location of each asset while they’re completing a ticket.

Ticket Status Update Graphic.

Change the Ticket Status

After a driver delivers or picks up a roll off container, they can update the ticket status right in the app.

Upload Weight Tickets Graphic.

Upload Images

Drivers can attach photos of weight tickets from landfills, overloaded dumpsters and more.

Job Notes Graphic.

Add Important Job Notes

Both your drivers and your dispatch staff can add comments throughout each stage of the work order to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Get Truckin’ With Our Mobile App

See how our truck driver GPS mobile app and our web application for your office work together for a more transparent and time-saving dumpster rental solution. Start a free trial to see them both in action.

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